Think twice before you consider buying an old or used Kids Car Seat


Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when you were bringing your baby home from the hospital? You can hardly believe that your Baby is now a toddler.He has grown out of his baby clothes, his baby shoes and his baby car seat.It is now time to consider a car seat for a toddler.

Don’t even consider a secondhand car seat……there could be damage that you cannot see, an older car seat may not have a tether strap that connects  to a anchor in your  car, the harness straps could be frayed or broken and because of general wear and tear would probably be a most uncomfortable car seat for the child in questioncar seats for infants


You want your little one to be comfy during  a family outing in the car, that way everyone in the family will have a great time. Get a car seat with good soft pads for the head and back support. Your child should be snug in the seat,feel safe without the harnesses being too tight.

Accept the fact that your toddler will be messy. He can’t help it. He will spill his drink and wipe his sticky hands on the fabric. He may even have a potty accident or two. So, get a car seat that has an easy-to-clean cover that is removable and machine washable. That way, these spills and stains won’t drive you crazy.

Your little guy will get bored, especially on a long journey. Consider getting a car seat with an overhead shield that drops down as a padded tray. This gives your child additional protection, plus he will have a nice little table to use for toys.

These are some points to consider when you’re looking at kids car seats.Your child will stay in that seat for a few years, so choose wisely. :-)

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