Your Childs Size Will Tell You When To Change Car Seats

Please do make sure that your child is ready for a toddler car seat.


Please do make sure that your child is ready for a toddler car seat.

You want your little one to be comfy during their car trip, if your child is happy and comfortable, everyone will have a pleasant trip,if not the day will be a nightmare.

The American Academy of Paediatrics  recommends that all young children remain in a rear facing position until the age of two or until he or she has reached the maximum weight and height limits of the car seat. It is a must that you know what the limits are in order to keep your child safe.

The physical size of your child is a important measure because if your child is only 18 months old but has already grown out of his or her rear facing car seat,it is time to make an early transition to a new front facing car seat.qqqqqqqq

Get a car seat with good soft pads for the head and back support. Your child needs to be snug with very little wiggle room,this way you are keeping them safe. Your toddler car seat should have a five-point harness. This harness secures your child across his chest, over his thighs and between his legs. This will secure him safely if you ever get into a accident, plus if your child is a regular Houdini, he will not wiggle out of the straps so easily.

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